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Car rental abroad in Europe (Italy, France, Germany and other countries), abroad, in Canada, the United States and in other countries.
If you need to not only quickly rent a car "by itself", but also to spend time abroad, and to avoid possible surprises associated with renting a car, it is easier to apply to our company. We will help you choose a car class (we are pleased to offer a wide array of options for recreation - Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, skoroost which will allow you to feel yourself at the controls of the aircraft), show you where you can pick up and pay a car, prepare all the necessary documents. The company offers its customers the most convenient way to rent. The payment you make in our office - in cash or cashless settlement.
The undoubted benefits of car hire abroad, through our company are as follows:
The wide geographical coverage
Working in real time
Reasonable prices on the largest broker on the car rental abroad
Vehicle under your holidays
Guaranteed rent in the "hot" season
Ultimate convenience

It is very popular abroad, especially in Europe becomes a car hire among the Russians. Personal vehicle gives much more possibilities in the study of a new country and make a person independent of the tourist routes. Using a car abroad, you get a lot of new experiences and useful knowledge, will be able in a short period of time to visit many unique places, and even those where no one had gone before the ubiquitous tourists. Road traffic abroad a safe and enjoyable thanks to the high culture of the driver and easy orientation, so rent a car abroad - the best option for tourists.

If you want to use the service of renting a car, you will need to read the information on the rules of rental vehicle, mandatory conditions imposed on the driver in each country. To pay for the car rental service you require nominal credit card, having wide circulation. Be sure to review all the items of the contract that describes the terms of the rental car, return time and mileage limits on insurance cases. Payment for rental is according to the current rate in the country, and then you get the keys to the car. Very convenient service of the rental car at the airport. If you have dropped all their doubts and are ready to book a car abroad, it is easy to arrange car rental service through an IP portal - Travel.

Consult, we work only with reliable partners, car rental!