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Nissan Serena

Price per day: 
50 €
Price per week: 
280 €
Price per month: 
700 €
Nissan Serena-roomy and easy-to-manage minivan for comfortable travel!


Car hire in Cyprus-a service that allows you to use some of the advantages of each traveler. Independent travel, planning your own leisure, independence from any charts and schedules allow you to enjoy nature, get to know the culture of the island's inhabitants and their customs.


Renting a car, you can also visit those places, which are not included in the list of visits during tourist trips. You have the opportunity to see the incredible scenery andgo where very rarely ordinary tourists.


Car rentals: successful solutions for travel


Choosing a car for travel on Cyprus could become a simple task if beforehand withyour preferences and wishes. If you are planning a trip with your family or with the company of close friends, consider choosing a large and spacious minivan. For such purposes is perfect Nissan Serena.


Specifications provide easy driving, taking into account the landscape of the island:


engine volume-2.0 l
power-147 HP,
in a combined cycle fuel consumption is 11 l per 100 km,
acceleration to 100 km/h speed-10 c
maximum speed is 180 km/h
-transmission Variator.
Comfort in hosting and management provide other features car Nissan Serena:


long and roomy trunk, allowing you to effortlessly place you need for your travel stuff;
spacious and functional interior, in which each passenger could sit comfortably;
comfortable chairs that give the opportunity to adjust their own position.
Nissan Serena is not only convenient and easy-to-manage car for the whole family,but still very profitable, cost-effective transport. The machine has an elegant appearance and exquisite design details.


Nissan Serena is a comfortable trip for the whole family


Planning a vacation with your family, you're sure to come across the need to use additional services to adults and children feel safe and comfortable. We provide such opportunities. To place an order for such services, fill in the appropriate fields in booking form. Car hire in Cyprus on a suitable term you can already now.
Additional options
Additional driver
Baby chair
Minimum age of driver 25 years
Minimum 1 year driving experience.
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100 €
Delivery of the car from 0 to 70 euros.
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