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Toyota Yaris

Price per day: 
18 €
Price per week: 
125 €
Price per month: 
400 €
Toyota Yaris with right rudder-the most comfortable car for family holidays or trips with friends!


Modern mode of living is forcing every traveller in advance to plan their vacation days. Because every time I want to visit the greatest number of new places, that's the only time often limits the possibilities. In order not to miss a single item from their plans, modern travelers often prefer to rent a car on vacation.


In Cyprus this service is particularly popular. Here it is difficult to reach by car, somost often tourists choose this option. Car hire gives you the opportunity to spend time relaxing and eventful vacation without public transport, queues and stolpotvorenij.


Toyota Yaris: Compact and comfortable car for your vacation


Choosing a car, you should be aware of several important features, such as the capacity of the machine, body type, the type of management and others. If you plan torelax on Cyprus a small family or a couple of friends, a good option will be a Toyota Yaris. Compact and easy-to-manage car will quickly and comfortably travel to the island.


Specifications and features of the car Toyota Yaris:


body type-hatchback,
quantity of doors-5,
engine is a 1.3 l
power-99 HP
control-manual transmission,
maximum speed is 175 km/h,
acceleration to 100 km/h-11.7 c
fuel consumption per 100 km-6.5 l around town and 4.3 litres.
Toyota Yaris car feature that sets it apart from the usual for us machines-right steering. In Cyprus it is presented in the most, since the movement of the left. Easy-to-manage car Toyota Yaris will quickly adjust to the local way of movement.


New opportunities for an unforgettable holiday


Rent Toyota Yaris in Cyprus allows every client to use additional services company for more comfortable travel. For example, you can enlist the help of a personal driver, if you want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a holiday.


Book a convenient and economical Toyota Yaris you can beforehand. To do this, specify the period at our website, you will need a car. You have the possibility to choose the place of receipt and the place of return, calculating machines while the exact cost of the lease for the specified time.
Additional options
Additional driver
Baby chair
Minimum age of driver 25 years
Minimum 1 year driving experience.
Make an order
Time of receipt
Return time
36 €
Delivery of the car from 0 to 70 euros.
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