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Rent a car without a driver - a car of any class to choose from;
Rent a car with a driver - the maximum mobility and comfort for the client;
It offers rental cars of any class - from economy and business to premium cars and sport. At the client's choice - Japanese, American, German and many other models of cars in rent:
Adequate market prices for rental cars, the speed of the machine, good execution of all necessary documents - the company card. Rent a Car Service we provide maximum comfort for the client:
· Provided each car rental - safe and in good condition;
· Machine will be given directly to the day in which you came;
· "Minimum bureaucracy" - to process all documentation required a customer passport, his driver's license and TIN (for residents);
· Vehicle rental will be filed within 15 minutes after the formalities;
· low prices. Affordable car rental - this is not a slogan, but a real policy of the company. A flexible system of discounts and guaranteed savings for those who asked for the second or third time. For those customers who take rental cars on the long term, it is possible to develop an exclusive tariff (!);
· Payment system - one that is convenient to the client. In particular, it is possible to pay with VISA, MASTERCARD.
Car rental includes the provision of client-stocked, serviceable, the insured vehicle. With air conditioning, sound system, a set of Pit Stop, «shod in season" in the right tires. Comfortable, cheap, reliable.
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