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Yacht Carver C43

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The new yacht model range 2015 C43 - a unique synthesis of true comfort, contemporary design, impressive performance and comfortable interior space planning. This masterpiece with two cabins best-in-class, large beds, a well-equipped galley and a private bathroom with shower in the master stateroom.
Workshops engineering solutions ensure uninterrupted operation in all conditions. Carver designers built an incredibly practical boat for your family and guests. Simply put, the yacht Carver C43 Coupe - has reached its maximum yachting skills.

Carver Yachts are known for their stand out "from the crowd 'design philosophy of oneness with the sea visible in the new model - the upper deck is designed on one level, thanks to this concept, as well as an extensive interior area of ​​glazing, leisure panoramic views.

Sliding glass doors to the cockpit "regulates" the length of the open space according to the wishes and weather conditions. Space and light are also attached to the glass roof in the cabin, which, as expected, is equipped with an electric drive.

In the cockpit, you can optionally install vetbar and mattresses for sunbathing. control station laid out in such a way as to give the captain the freedom of action: it can control the boat while sitting or standing, leaning on a folding roller.

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